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  • Eternal Style

    “Eternal Style” is timeless and innate. For the woman loyal to or inspired by the fashion of the 60’s. The Vichy chequered pattern represents the female form. We fuse the pattern design with the firm’s iconic shapes and forms, such as the hexagon.

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  • Perspectives Lady

    “Perspectives Lady” is a unique handbag for that woman who lived through or was inspired by the social liberation of the 60’s. A social movement era that opened up the possibilities for women to study any career they desired, including architecture. And since our firm is closely related to this discipline, we have used the drawings based on planimetry of our physical birthplace, Port Cabopino, as inspiration. A sublime and artistic way to blend together in this design, personality, thirst for knowledge and creativity.

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  • Rock it all

    “Rock it all” is a design based on our iconic N25 model. It includes a stamped pattern emulating the wicker and elegant tassels that give the bag a more dynamic and characterful look. This design is inspired by the musical gatherings and festivals of the 70’s. Its tassels remind us of the vests used in those early massive musical concerts. It’s a design inspired by the search of new ideals and the magic of social movements. A timeless indie “itbag”.

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  • Second Skin

    “Second Skin” is the color of the naked body, the dermis. Colors that remind us of the natural skin, without any dyes, without any screen reinforcements and with the soft and delicate texture of nobuk. This design emerges from the firms constant evolution, searching for new ways to transmit through the use of new materials.
    In a similar way to wicker, this smooth leather adapts well to the passage of time and reflects time as well as the passage of time. It tells the story of its owner very much the same way as our skin does.

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