“Latent Materials” by MAGALIE in emotion artgallery (14 december, 2017)

Luxury handbag designer MAGALIE and “emotion artgallery” present “Latent Materials”.

The fibres of a canvas, the strips of wicker, the creases of a leather bag or the tape of a cassette have a history.  All preserve memories.  And through art they express emotions and become an identity.  They’re elements that are activated when they’re fused with the mind and heart of their creators.  These creators recover their use and prior history to reinterpret and to give them a new life, a new energy and a new sense.  There is always something in every piece of art that has been hidden away through time but, when its moved to the present, these hidden treasures resurface with more energy as a result of the purity of its past.  We like to call these hidden treasures, latent materials…

We hope to see you on Thursday, December 14th at 20.00 in emotion artgallery. Domenico Scarlatti 14  Madrid


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