“I am the result of a duality. And that is my reality. The daughter of an architect trained in the city of Barcelona and a passionate woman born and raised within the confines of the musical and poetic city of Seville. I’m moved by contrasts… Ice and fire. North and the south. Passion and reason. Planning and impulse. Knowledge and ingenuity. Aesthetics and functionality. Objectivity and subjectivity. Tradition and sophistication. I’m fascinated by contrasts, as it is there where I find my inspiration. I’m not attracted by grey because it is in the white and black, in the ying and yang, where I find harmony, the perfect symphony.

Because MAGALIE is a duality. It is created and moves forward confidently in the conviction that opposites can be aligned to create something outstandingly beautiful and timeless. My aspiration has been to capture and express my duality with this creation. It is a very personal journey, which I want to share with a very limited number of people.

Because reality is my duality.”


My origin

“Magalie’s birthplace and boundless source of inspiration is Port Cabopino, Marbella. My father, the architect educated in Barcelona, began its design and construction in 1976 and, while he was immersed in his blueprints and drawings, my mother, the Andalusian artist and muse of his architectonic dream, awaited patiently for my arrival; Magalie’s arrival. I was born days before he finalized the project.

Port Cabopino is not only my physical birthplace but also my creative origin. An architectonic marvel, which combines seemingly antagonistic principles and attributes to reach design excellence. Cabopino is pure duality; the personification of symmetry with Andalusian spirit, of unpretentious exclusivity and of functional beauty.

Its my home. My origin. It is me. And the birthplace of Magalie.”



“Every MAGALIE is exclusively made in what many consider the birthplace of leather craftsmanship in Spain, the internationally renowned city of Ubrique, Cadiz.

Each piece is made using traditional time-honoured methods and handcrafted individually, with the utmost attention to detail. All materials and elements that compose each piece are of the highest quality, with a special mention to our leather.

We are very proud that each MAGALIE is 100% assembled by some of the best artisans in Ubrique, Spain.”




“The firm MAGALIE is born out of my desire to share and celebrate “duality”, a very personal and intimate life philosophy. I want to share "duality" with women with personality, who are daring and authentic, who appreciate craftsmanship without sacrificing sophistication, who admire beauty without sacrificing functionality, who treasure luxury but are unpretentious. Like me, they long for something that expresses their personality and their way of life. These are women who I believe will appreciate a unique, timeless, gorgeous and truly exclusive fashion accessory, very much like they are themselves.

This is why the Duality collection includes limited and numbered production designs of 121 handbags. I want every client who acquires one of the limited and numbered Duality handbags to know that she holds one of the only 121 units that exist in the entire world. Not a single one more. Ever again.”


My creative philosophy: Duality

“The philosophy of “duality” is MAGALIE’s reason to exist. “Duality” is to live life realizing that sometimes the best possible outcome comes from combining seemingly antagonistic elements or values. I don’t want to have to choose between passion or reason, planning or spontaneity, beauty or functionality, tradition or sophistication. I believe in using antagonistic values to reach a higher level of excellence. Because the best in me lies in finding a way to fuse my contrasting traits, using them to compliment one another in harmony. When I succeed I know I have something truly special, unique, and a more complete version of me.

To express that reality in a collection of handbags has been my ultimate vital challenge and today it’s a reality. Duality in my handbags begins with its design, meshing seemingly antagonistic materials such as leather with wicker, fusing right and obtuse angles, blending animal features with precious metals, combining functional yet sophisticated styles and finally adding a technological antitheft component, which merges innovation and tradition in timeless, handmade handbags. Pure Duality”