Eva Juárez, María Iglesias and Teresa Geisser are the three young girls full of enthusiasm and passion for fashion, selected for this amazing project: The Luxury of 21. They dream of dedicating themselves to design and look for an opportunity.
Their story would not be so different from any other girls but because they have Down syndrome and intellectual disability. Their condition is not a limitation, but an opportunity that comes with their creativity.  Their spontaneity allows MAGALIE and this project to look in a different and braver way  at the world of trends and fashion.



Teresa Geisser . 23 years old.  Sweet and cheerful.  Friendly, generous and sincere. Optimistic and persistent.  “Her sweetness illuminates our classes”


María Iglesias . 28años. Sensible and kind. Thoughtful, melancholy and cheerful. “Whatever mine, is yours.”  Decisive and enthusiastic. Hardworking, strong and constant. “Her smile, it’s true, it changes everything”



Eva Juárez . 24 years old.  Independent and passionate.  Cheerful and artist. Believes in love above anything else.  “Her drawings all full of hearts”


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