MAGALIE, creates, together with DOWN ESPAÑA and ISEM, the Luxury of 21

MAGALIE, Andalusian firm of luxury handbags created in 2016, selected 3 young girls with Down syndrome and intellectual disability through a casting.  They invited them to develop the new MAGALIE accessory for this coming  Summer 2019.   This is  indeed a pioneering project in terms of inclusion in the fashion industry . It is the first time that an independent luxury brand without any corporate support, gets involved in a program of this magnitude. This initiative has been created in collaboration with DOWNESPAÑA, the reference organization of the Down syndrome in Spain, which works to ensure autonomy in the life of this group. The classes have been taught at ISEM Fashion School in Madrid , allowing to use their headquarters facilities. The objective of the project is to prove the creative capacities of this collective beyond mechanical and/or manual works. Furthermore, it hopes that other brands and entrepreneurs see the possibilities and commit […]