MAGALIE in emotion Artgallery

“LATENT MATERIALS” On December 14th, the luxury handbag firm MAGALIE and the gallery “emotion artgallery”, presented the “Latent Materials” exposition.  During this special evening, art and fashion fused together in a seamless way to make this a unique event for admirers of both disciplines.  During this Christmas season Madrid has an abundant number of events […]

“Latent Materials” by MAGALIE in emotion artgallery (14 december, 2017)

Luxury handbag designer MAGALIE and “emotion artgallery” present “Latent Materials”. The fibres of a canvas, the strips of wicker, the creases of a leather bag or the tape of a cassette have a history.  All preserve memories.  And through art they express emotions and become an identity.  They’re elements that are activated when they’re fused […]