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The bags designed by the 3 members of the luxury of 21, titled “The Path”, “The Rose of the winds” and “Heartbeats”, are the result of a creative process in which they have had the honour to count with an exceptional team of professionals and unique means within the world of craftsmanship and luxury.

It has been a pleasure for MAGALIE, the Andalusian firm of luxury accessories based on craftsmanship, exclusivity, duality and its Spanish origin, to lead this project together with this incredible team of experts.

The 3 handbags synthesize experience, pursuit of excellence and most importantly, they reflect perfectly the unique attributes that each one of our main characters have and stand out for.

The Path: “This handbag represents strength, balance, life and opportunities. It is for cheerful and courageous people. “This path  represents the strength and courage to keep walking because wonderful things can happen along the way, my way”  María.

The Rose of the winds:  “It is a handbag with light, helps you if you are lost. Brings you joy and hope. ”  If you get lost, I will help you find your way” Teresa.

Heartbeats:  It’s a cool, cheerful bag that transmits a lot of love. “I’m passionate and romantic.  I’m not looking for reasons or explanations. I just want my heart to feel all the love around me” Eva

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