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This is the collection’s most daring design. With this design, we have artfully merged the contrasting dualities which inspire our firm… MAGALIE’s personality at its fullest expression.

It shares the same silhouette as that of K194, but differs in that it posses a large central body and two very spacious lateral pockets. With a double zipper, this daring yet timeless piece is the closest to a “bowling” design, providing a sportier, more dynamic look. Its multiple colour combinations are able to transform a traditional design into an elegant and contemporary handbag. A good example of contrasts coming together for a great result.

Duality in MAGALIE is represented in many ways but one of the most relevant forms for us is in terms of the fusion between beauty, style, and elegance in complete harmony with convenience and functionality. And that’s why, in addition to designing an elegant and timeless handbag, we have incorporated Magalie Security: a technological component which we feel adds real value to your experience with MAGALIE. Each one of our handbags comes with an innovative warning system, which will help you in protecting your precious belongings.

L168 colors