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“I am the result of a duality. And that is my reality. The daughter of an architect trained in the city of Barcelona and a passionate woman born and raised within the confines of the musical and poetic city of Seville. I’m moved by contrasts… Ice and fire. North and the south. Passion and reason. Planning and impulse. Knowledge and ingenuity. Aesthetics and functionality. Objectivity and subjectivity. Tradition and sophistication. I’m fascinated by contrasts, as it is there where I find my inspiration. I’m not attracted by grey because it is in the white and black, in the ying and yang, where I find harmony, the perfect symphony.

Opposites attract me because, to me, they build on each other and form completeness. Because MAGALIE is a duality. It is created and moves forward confidently in the conviction that opposites can be aligned and fused to create something outstandingly beautiful and timeless. My aspiration has been to capture and express my duality with this creation. It is a very personal journey, which I want to share with a very limited number of people. This is the reason why the DUALITY collection includes 3 designs, each one of a limited and numbered production of 121 units.

Because reality is my duality.”


“Magalie’s physical and emotional birthplace, and of course that of my duality, lies in Kilometre 194 of the road between Fuengirola and Marbella: Port Cabopino. My father, the architect educated in Barcelona, implemented his technical expertise imbued by the essence, colours and aromas of Andalusia, in the south of Spain. He began its design and construction in 1976 and during that same period, while he was immersed in plans and designs, his muse, my mother, awaited patiently for my arrival; Magalie’s arrival. He finished the construction of this singular Marbella port in May 1979, just days before I was born.

Port Cabopino is in itself a wonderful duality; the personification of symmetry with an Andalusian spirit, of unpretentious exclusivity, of practical beauty, a port and hideout full of endearing dualities. It is my origin. It is my home. It is me. And the birthplace of Magalie.

Inspired by both my birthplace and my duality, I have attempted to capture with this creation the same attention to detail, the same craftsmanship, the same Andalusian colours and “aromas” as Port Cabopino. Ultimately, I have tried to recreate a piece of my world, which I hope my clients can fall in love with.”


“Every MAGALIE is exclusively made in what many consider the birthplace of leather craftsmanship in Spain, the internationally renowned city of Ubrique, Cadiz. It is in this quaint town in the south of Spain that our artisans reside and where each MAGALIE is assembled.

Each piece is made using traditional time-honoured methods and handcrafted individually, with the utmost attention to detail. All materials and elements that compose each piece are of the highest quality, with a special mention to our leather and wicker.

Proud that each MAGALIE is 100% assembled by some of the best artisans in Ubrique, Spain.”



“The firm MAGALIE is born out of my desire to share and celebrate a very personal and intimate life philosophy and to express it via a unique collection of handbags. To celebrate Duality is to live life with the conviction that you do not need to choose between north and south, cold and warmth, the objective and the subjective. The best of ourselves lies in our Duality and it is there that we can become the best version of ourselves. And I want to share this philosophy with a very small group of people, those people who share the same philosophy and who also feel that Duality is part of their lives. I am convinced that the people I talk to, similar to me, want and desire something that is unique, timeless, and outstandingly beautiful.

Ultimately, this is why the Duality collection includes limited and numbered production designs of 121 handbags. Once this limited and numbered production has been sold, the Duality limited and numbered designs will NOT be reproduced. It is my promise. Future collections will be inspired by different concepts and will follow different designs. I want every client who acquires one of the limited and numbered Duality handbags to know that she holds one of the only 121 units that exist in the entire world. Not a single one more. Ever again.”


“The philosophy of duality is MAGALIE’s reason to exist. To celebrate duality is to live with the conviction that we do not need to choose between north and south, cold and warmth, the objective or subjective. It is the belief that the best of us lies in our duality, it is there where you will find the best version of yourself. Contrasting values and attributes can be fused together to create the perfect symphony. To express that reality in a collection of handbags has been my ultimate vital challenge and to share it with a small and special group of people my desire and strongest wish. Today the Duality collection is a reality and I am especially proud to share it with such a special group of people.

Duality begins with its design, meshing leather with wicker, right and obtuse angles, animal features with precious metals, a practical size with an aesthetic design and a communication style that mixes different tones and concepts.

This is where the collection DUALITY originates, from the careful combination of contrasts that ultimately result in harmony, a stylish and delicately balanced handbag. That is Duality.”